Old School Icon Wanda Dee Rejects Sex Cult Allegations

In HHC Digital 006 (the issue headed up by WARP super-producer Flying Lotus), we ran a column commenting on allegations surrounding old-school hip-hop icon Wanda Dee (pictured above with Universal Zulu Nation founder Afrika Bambaataa) and the Goddess Empire. It elicited a stern response from Eric Floyd, her husband and manager, which is printed in full below…

I am at a complete loss of words over the stuff that I’ve read on your site in the guise of FACTS about myself and my loving wife of 25 years, Hip Hop Veteran/Pioneer & multi-platinum Pop/Dance recording artist, WANDA DEE.

Both of us, having been in this Business called Show, for well over 35 years each; we can deal with the fact that in this high technological age of The Internet and the unchecked and un-policed blogs of Internet terrorists that can write & post ANY and EVERY THING about ANY and EVERY ONE that they have a personal axe to grind with, is one of our occupational hazards (just ask OPRAH, OBAMA, BEYONCE, JAY Z, P. DIDDY, the late MICHAEL JACKSON & a host of others who have “I HATE…” blog sites devoted to them from folks who have accused them all of being everything from Illuminati / Satanist members, bisexuals, woman beaters, pedophiles, closet drug users & the like); but it is grossly unfair (at best) and journalistic irresponsible (at worst) to report and (thus) repost this unproven / unsubstantiated nonsense, slander, hearsay & conjecture as either NEWS or FACTS!

The Old School Hip Hop Community was about UNITY! And as my wife (Wanda Dee) is one of it’s oldest originating members (having just received a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Universal Zulu Nation at their 30th anniversary celebration in Harlem by her mentor, Afrika Bambaataa himself, who is also a frequent / regular guest at our Vegas home each and every time he finds himself working in Sin City); we are deeply and gravely disappointed that you guys would bastardize her good name the way you have by printing such rubbish (with her name & image attached) and never once reach out to us for (1) THE TRUTH… (2) OUR SIDE OF THE STORY.

To say that we “dress in exotic clothing” and that “we view ourselves and want all those around us to treat us like Gods & Goddesses” and to further imply that I’m having “sexual relations with my own Son”, and how “we force all those around us to have sex with us” and how I “knocked up one of my assistants, Kitt who had my baby and named her R. Kelly” all as if these juicy tidbits of bullshit are actual and factual, as absolutely and unequivocally unfair, untrue and ridiculous! I would think that after all of the years we’ve put into this business, we would, at least by a fellow journalistic professional, been shown a lot more fairness, decency & respect than what you’ve shown us.

#1- We SOMETIMES dress in exotic clothing because we’ve been blessed to have traveled / headlined tours in some 150 cities, 90 countries on 6 continents; and thus, being that I am from Brookyn’s Bushwick projects and Wanda is from The Boogie-Down Bronx, we love picking up clothing (and other trinkets) from the exotic lands that we frequent (touring some 10 months of the year, every year, for the 23 years consecutively. Last time I checked, that wasn’t a crime; and merely makes us a bit eccentric (at worst) to the average narrow minded American.

#2- For the record, we view ourselves as quite simply what we are, humble children of a loving & perfect God. A blissfully happy married couple who has been (again) blessed (you’ll read that word a lot) to be living their dreams in good health & strength; and have been equally blessed to take dozens of young people of color around the world making money doing what they love to do best, PERFORM.

#3- Sexual relations with my own Son is disgustingly vile, contemptuous and revoltingly insulting to me, as a Man and a Black Man (in particular), I won’t even dignify that with a further response. My Son… Our Son… bar none, is quite simply, one of the baddest young, up & coming multi-faceted performers on the planet; Writer, Actor, Arranger, Producer, Dancer, Singer & Entertainers Entertainer. But please, don’t take my word for it, as I’m both his Father & Manager, and of course, my opinion is biased, so please by all means, take a look for yourself.


#4- Look at my wife and I (pictured above, far left and far right), would either of us seriously ever need to force anyone to have sex with us!? No, seriously!?

#5- One of our many live in personal assistants, Ms. KITT WILLIAMS, who was & is a consensual lover to BOTH my wife and I (as my wife is a loud / proud bi-sexual woman), humbly asked us (because she wanted to give birth before she was 30 years old, by and large also because BOTH her sister & brother also both were having newborns at the time) if I could be the father of her child, and as consenting adults, we all agreed. Not shooting blanks, Kitt was consensually impregnated by me and as you can see by the photos below, we are all now one big happy family. And yes, Kitt’s favorite artist is R. Kelly, and so (again) with my blessing, she named our daughter, ROBYN KELLY FLOYD (baring my last name & full financial $upport)! Again, no crime here! Just love. And life!

In closing, I would much rather the actual, factual bonafide WORK that me and my family do as both entertainers and producers both in Las Vegas and around the world, speak for us. So if you so care to actually do some REAL RESEARCH on who we really are, and how we really operate, then please, by all means, let your “research department” at your publication take the time to do some real due diligence on us by clicking on the incalculable amount of links on us that will give you a more clearer picture of who we are, where we fit in and how we are truly regarded in our industry.

Just because one deranged, former lover (who was NEVER an employee of Goddess Empire Entertainment), decided that she wanted to BE Mrs. Floyd and replace my wife (something that would NEVER happen) and decided that she would exact her revenge by creating an online all out terrorism scandal of defamation and slander against me, my wife, our Son, our good names, industry reputation, and even my innocent (now) 2 year old daughter, Robyn (as ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’), I think it is abominable that you guys would REPEAT and/or REPOST and/or REIGNITE such bullshit without ever even attempting to contact us on this end to find out THE TRUTH!

Well, as a picture is worth a thousand words, all you have to do is look at the one below of my wife and our good friend, Broadway / Television legend, BEN VEREEN and see the deranged chic in the back (Arkeni Turner) to see how she really feels about my wife when she thought that the camera was NOT on her and that she was NOT in the photo. And read the link that some folks wrote about her on the exact same site that she has pretended to be other people in multiple postings about US, and she, of course, in her deranged mind, believes that they came from me! Hell, if you let her tell it, my wife NEVER sang lead for THE KLF… we’re NOT even married… she’s a man in drag… and so and so forth. Puhleeze!

I don’t know if this will ever get printed by you and your publication, but that wasn’t why I wrote it… I took the time to write it because, MY FAMILY is worth it! THE TRUTH is worth it. And I hope that you can both understand and overstand where I am coming from.

I leave you in peace to allow your hearts to make your own decisions and determinations.

God(dess) with you always,

Eric Floyd

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